About Adult Training

The adult training scheme in Scouting is modular and flexible, concentrating on learning rather than just attending courses.
Training can be carried out using a range of methods: one to one, courses, videos, workbooks and e-learning.
The Modules cover the skills required for all roles in Scouting.

Training Modules

  • Essential Information is a mandatory module for nearly all adults in Scouting.  It provides the basic information required for individuals getting started in adult roles in Scouting, vital to ensuring that all young people can enjoy safe Scouting. Topics covered:

    • The Fundamentals of Scouting
    • Structure and support 
    • Safety in Scouting
    • Safeguarding- child protection
    • Safeguarding- anti-bullying
    E learning
  • The aim of this module is to create a plan for an individual’s learning based on the requirements of the job and taking into account the individual’s needs.

    The plan will show the training and the support that the individual will receive to help them carry out the responsibilities and fulfil the training requirements for their role.

    There is a workbook available to help learner’s to complete this module, in partnership with their Training Adviser:

    Module 2: Personal Learning Plan Workbook (PDF)

    Further guidance and support on the Adult Training Scheme can be found in the Adult’s Personal File and the Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders.

  • Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) is a mandatory module for Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants. It covers the basic information on the individual’s role or area of responsibility and some practical help to get the individual started in the role. Topics covered:

    • Features of the section
    • Roles with in the section
    • Using activities and games
    • Youth shaped Scouting
    • Promoting positive behaviour
    E – Learning
  • Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters) is a mandatory module for those who hold a Manager or Supporter role in Scouting. It covers the key information about the individual’s role, areas of responsibility and where they can find further information and support. Topics covered:

    • Role responsibilities and responsibilities of those they line manage or work closely with
    • Six areas of leadership and management
    • Managing time and personal skills
    • Ensuring quality programme
  • Module 5: The Fundamentals of Scouting is for all adults in Scouting working towards the award of their Wood Badge. This module supports the learner to consider The Fundamentals and the Religious Policy and their relationship with the programme delivered to young people. The module explores the guiding principles of Scouting; the core values which The Scout Association stands for and believes in.

    Topics covered:

    • The Fundamentals- the Purpose, Values and Method
    • The Religious Policy
    • Spiritual development
  • This module aims to provide an overview of the movement’s history focusing on its development to meet the changing needs of society.

    Topics covered:

    Brief outline history of Scouting

    Video downloads

    Changes in Scouting (30 Mb)

    Changes in Scouting Quiz (pdf)

    For more information:

    2004 – Peter Duncan becomes Chief Scout (video)

    2007 – 100 years of Scouting (video)

    2007 Jamboree (WOSM site)

  • Delivering a Quality Programme is a mandatory module for those who are completing a Wood Badge. It aims to provide leaders, managers and supporters with information about how we deliver quality Scouting to young people, and how we ensure it meets their needs.

    Topics covered:

    • Key elements of the programme for each section 
    • Badges and awards
    • Reviewing the programme
    • The Young Leader’s Scheme
    • Youth shaped Scouting

    Learning methods available:

    • Course
    • Small group
    • One to one
    • E-learning

    Course, small group or one-to-one

    Module 12(A) is available to be completed as a course, in a small group or one to one. Please contact your local training team or speak to your Training Adviser for more information, including dates of local courses.




  • The Scout Association’s ongoing safety training e-learning is an online alternative to face-to-face training.

    This has been designed using the objectives, key messages and training material produced for the face-to-face delivery of the course.

    Who should complete the training?

    The training is available to anyone who wants to complete it. However, it is primarily aimed at volunteers who need to complete their ongoing safety training for review. New volunteers should complete Module 1: Essential Information, and if completing a Wood Badge, Module 17: Running Safe Activities (for Section Leaders) or Module 23: Safety for Managers and Supporters.

    Find out more information on the Ongoing Safety Training.


    Safety training

    The training will take approximately 35 minutes.

    There are three sections within the training:

    1. Get the facts
    2. See it in action
    3. Take the challenge

    After completing the first two sections you will be asked to complete the final section, Take the challenge.

    After you complete the final section of the training, you will be able to generate a certificate, which can be printed off. Alternatively, you can save the URL and print it off at a later date.